"If you love dogs, you're my kind of person! If you're also partial to cats and horses and all other pets, we need to meet!"

—My kind of people!

Is your dog part of the family?

Treat your special pets to a photo session that is more play time than work! Let's fill their session with activity, treats, praise and a wonderful time with you! We can meet outdoors or in my quiet, home studio about ten minutes from Truro, N.S.

Why choose me? Years... no decades... of experience with dogs, cats and horses. Plus, being professionally accredited for dog, horse and cat photography can't hurt!

Photography Accreditations in Canine, Equine and Feline Portraiture.

In-home studio sessions in the Truro area

may be a good option for you!

Captivating Cats

Are cats usually easy to photograph? A resounding "No!" to that question! Ask me, though, if I find feline photography (I love alliteration) to be fun and rewarding, and you'll get a big "Yes!" Patience pretty much always pays off!

Photography Accreditations

It's important for me to bring you the finest work I can, and that means learning and practice are ongoing. As a member of the Professional Photographers of Canada (PPOC) I've achieved accreditations in Canine, Feline and Equine Photography. Below is a video of the images from my Equine Accreditation Portfolio. I must send a huge thank you to all the horses I have known and worked with over the past forty years for helping me achieve the knowledge base and comfort needed to capture these images.