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If you have questions, I have answers!

Can you do school photos of my son or daughter?

School photos that are taken once a year are great, but they only show what the student looks like. Let's go beyond that with a session that includes their interests and highlights their personality!

Where should our photos be taken?

We live in one of the most beautiful parts of the world! Together, we can choose a location that is just right for you! If Pupper is coming with, leashes are always advised and can be removed in post production from formal portraits.

What should we wear?

Hey, I bet you really do have something great to wear, and may just need a bit of help deciding. I LOVE going through the choices and advising as to what might look best given the location and time of day. Have kids and a family to coordinate? We can do it!

Do you do "head shots"?

Personal photos are more important than ever, now, for entrepreneurs, business use and social media. Whether you need one photo for a profile image or several to build your brand, I'll walk you through the process and provide advice wherever you may feel it's needed.

Something that will really take your photo up a notch is to add a pet or item into your image that really speaks to who you are. Sound interesting? Let's see what we can come up with to really make you stand out!

Do you photograph active dogs? I don't think mine will be able to do a session!

Say that like it's a good thing as it just means your dog is loving life! Cameras have an exceedingly high shutter speed, I've shot active dogs and sports for years and leashes can be edited out of most portraits. Your active dog is not a problem! Think of the great "in motion" shots we'll get!

BTW, I am an accredited Canine Photographer with Professional Photographers of Canada! I also have my Feline accredition, if you have a sweet kitty who'd like to do a photo session with me.

(Fill in blank) hates having their picture taken. What can we do?

Having a camera pointed at you can be such a weird thing! If you are like me, you have a few family members/friends who would rather do almost anything else than sit through a photography session. Tell them I've got them!

Assure them that I can help them figure out where to put their hands, how to stand and all the other little annoyances that they may have faced in the past when faced with any kind of "picture day". Having done my own photos, I totally get how awkward it can all feel at first! Plus, tell them I am really fast and having their photos done will make you and them really happy when all is done and dusted!

If you need something a little extra special

Chances are good that I can help you. Composites cost a bit more, but can be a lot of fun to have and to gift to someone special. Yes, I can do sports and event composites with images we have made during our Session.

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