The Business Part     

     If you are like me, before committing to a purchase or service, you want answers to some important questions about HOW things are done, HOW much it will all cost and WHAT you will get.  To make it easier for you, I’ve tried to cover everything I think you might want to know in these points below. I love my photography business and  want you to have a good experience with no surprises!  Absolutely don’t hesitate to ask me to clarify any of these points or ask questions that I haven’t covered here.


Three black and white snapshots with a photo envelope and pieceThree black and white snapshots with a photo envelope and pieceAgainst a white background is arranged three black and white snapshots of a little girl in 1961 and 1962 on top of a yellow vintage photo envelope and a piece of brown negative.




Sessions:  The Session Fee for non commercial work is  $100 for up to two hours of photography time and is due upon booking via email transfer or cash.    The Session Fee does not include any photography products.  Purchases may be made separately from the á la carte menu. 

If you need a shorter session, we can arrange that.

The Session Fee is non-refundable unless you or I or a family member experiences a medical emergency, or if the weather makes travel unsafe.  E-transfers may be sent here  To book a Session 

Travel fees: Areas outside of the 20km radius of Truro, N.S. are subject to a travel fee of .40/km return trip.  Travel fees are to be included when paying the Session Fee. If the session is cancelled before the travel is done, due to any reason, the travel fees will be returned. Distances are calculated using Google Maps from Valley, N.S. 

Print and Product Purchases: Products are paid for at the time of ordering. Refunds will always be given when due to a printing error. At this time, taxes are not added to your purchase.

Prints are available on quality photo paper, fine art paper and canvas.  Other photo products, including albums and cards are also available.

Session and Pricing Info

Small Digital Files: Each print purchased receives its accompanying media file at no extra cost. These files are not designed for quality printing  but display well on social media.  . These 72 dpi files are signed and measure approximately 1000 px on the longest side. (They may also be purchased without a print for $35 each.)

Larger Digital files may be purchased from the á la carte menu. I don't encourage clients to buy digital files only for two main reasons. 1)Oftentimes, we don't get around to doing anything with those files, technology moves on and the files are lost. 2) If you do not use a professional printing lab, the chances that your prints will not look the same as what you see. You and your photo products deserve quality.




Waiver, Model Releases and Contracts aka The Photography Agreement:  When you contact me to book a session date, I will send you a link to a price list, the Photography Agreement and  any additional contract we may need for your event for  for you to read. Similar contracts are used by most professional photographers.  I will bring along a paper copy to our session for you to sign and will will scan and send you a copy file after the session, if you wish to have a copy.

Even though all photographs, digital files and video remain the property of the photographer under Canadian copyright law, I now have clients sign a release that allows me to use their photos for display, promotion, education and accreditation.  

Wedding, Commercial and Event Clients will receive a special Photography Agreement on which we will collaborate before it is finalized and signed. You can view it here: 

 Photography Agreement to View



Covid-19:  Social distancing will be practiced by the photographer at all times for as long as Provincial policy mandates. Mask wearing is mandatory when shooting inside as long as the Provincial policy mandates or at the discretion of the photographer or the request of the client. Neither the client nor the photographer will hold the other responsible for developing Covid-19.


General Notes: 

When possible, printing is done locally in Nova Scotia. Some specialty items are sent to labs in other areas of North America and Europe.


Small weddings and commercial events may also be booked. Please contact me so we can discuss your event.

All photographs remain the copyright of the photographer under Canadian law.  (Copyright can be purchased by groups and businesses.) This means you can share and print any files and photo products, but you cannot sell them, alter them (filters etc.) use them in any way for commercial purposes including advertising nor submit them to magazines or competitions.

Myra Hencher Photography is a registered business in Nova Scotia, Canada.


Despite all the fine print, having a photography session is a lot of fun! I just want to make sure you know everything there is to know up front so there will be no surprises nor disappointments.