First and foremost,

I think traditional grad photos are wonderful and an important part of documenting the senior year.

Wearing that gown represents the culmination of many years of academic work, and there are a couple of studios in our area that do a fantastic job of capturing the formal grad portrait. 

Senior Sessions

are an additional way to further celebrate this special year

 Here are a few points to illustrate how  

Senior Photography differs from the traditional cap and gown session.

No reason you can't have both!
Senior Sessions

Encourage  input from the student about their vision for the session

Can include more than one location

Can include wardrobe changes

Go beyond the formal portrait

May feature family, friends and pets

Capture the diversity of the student's personality and not just their appearance

Include props, location and activities to showcase interests and talents

Are not all about smiling at the camera and encompass both posed, action and candid photos

Are slower paced and relaxed

Result in more proofs to consider

Are a memorable (and fun) event!      


If you're like me, you want all the details so you can make a good decision!

For more information about my Senior Sessions,

which are offered to students from Cobequid Educational Centre, South Colchester Academy and all other high schools in the region,

click on the  photo of Sophia to be taken to



To consider your session options and browse through the products and prices that are offered,

you can do some window shopping here by selecting the image below!

I want you to be fully informed about every step of the process and pricing!

While early spring might not be the best time for some photos,

I am very open to splitting your session.

If there are activities or locations that would best serve you to be recorded in April and some in June,

that is easily arranged! 


What if graduation will be in 2023?

That is even better! 2023 grads can arrange for a series of images

to be recorded all through their senior year, starting with early fall,

back to school photos.

Imagine the possibilities!

This is especially perfect for those wishing

to keep their memories in a photo album/book.

In early July,

a new Collection will be offered for 2023 grads

who would like to take advantage

of multi month Senior Sessions!



I love to talk about photography and sessions! 

Send your questions to me  right here.


If you are ready to book at session, you can start the booking process 

by following this link!