Looking for a business or personal portrait?



This is what I can create for you:

  • Portraits for you, your company and those you love. 


This is how we will do it!

  •  Before your session, we will discuss the type of photo you need and what types of photos/poses you might also like to have. 
  • We'll choose the location and even talk about wardrobe if you want
  • On the day of our session, we will get any formal poses done first (while everyone is still neat and cool), and then everyone can loosen up.
  • Depending on the purpose of our sessions, we will play a bit and capture some casual shots that will allow you to cherish the way you and your people live and love together.
  • If we’re at your place of business, we’ll create photos of you engaging in your work environment. If you are a musician or an artist, we will capture you as you perform or create.
  • Never know how to act in front of a camera? I have  your back on that one!



If this all seems like kind of a big deal, well, it is! It's not something you do very often, so it's kind of an adventure, isn't it? My job, along
with taking some photos that you will love, is to ensure that you are comfortable and having a good time.   It's not just about the final photos, it's also about the experience you will have that day and the memories you will make.



Interested and want to learn more?  Let's talk!




All photos, unless otherwise noted,  copyright 2022 Myra Hencher

Professional Photographers of Canada Member