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Do you take photos of your pets all the time? You won't regret letting me put YOU back in the picture with them!

Tara and Giffin

Axel and his Parents

Summer and Lucy

Let's Continue the Smiles AFTER the Session
Of course, you want the digital to share with your friends, and here are some ideas of how you can enjoy your favourite images pretty much every day and even share some of them with others!

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InteriorMockup LANE AND diva  X CROPjpg
xPortrait Tara M and Giffenjpg
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Helena framejpg

Pricing Information
Sessions (photography time) start at $40 for half an hour. I want you to have all the information you need, so just drop me a line requesting the pricing info and I'll send it to you or check out the information in the SESSIONS section on this site!

Let's Schedule a Session!

Not Quite Ready to Schedule a Session?
I've put together some tips to help you prepare for your photo session with your best pup! Click on the box and I will send you the link to the guide. Just put Dog Info in the box, and I will know what to send you. It's that easy!


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