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This is a "live gallery" which means that it has been set up for sales. Here, you can see how the pricing menu works and how it will look when your proof gallery is ready!
There are no taxes added at this time.
If you would prefer to do an in person sales session, in which I help you make your selections based on your how you would like to use the photographs, I will happy do that! At the end of that session, payment can be made via e-transfer.
IMG_9829947Z8154IMG_9990947Z8608947Z8496Aspotogen Fishing Communityboat in cove with reflectionsthree small boats moored together in coveIMG_1498 boat house covegreen moored small boat in reflective water947Z2976 Red Tractor  small file947Z3668 Fish shed PEI 8x10947Z5304NSsummerwoodsMHencher947Z8118947Z8474antiquestore