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myra business card by Myra.cdrmyra business card by Myra.cdr Money. Most people are a little hesitant to ask "How much?" Please don't feel uncomfortable with this question.  Until you know exactly how much something is going to cost, of course you don't want to commit! I totally get that!

Knowing that talking fees is not always fun, I have my 2018 session fee menu right here for you to take a look at.Prints can be ordered separately, and each session receives signature marked photo files for sharing with family and friends. 



Photography Sessions Menu  2018

What is included?  Each session fee includes the photography session itself, editing and retouching as needed. Up to ten files with my signature will also be made available to you for sharing on social media. All your photos will be available for viewing and purchase in a password protected online gallery.  

What is not included? Prints of the photos and digital files, with the exception of those mentioned above,  are not included. Prints may be purchased after the session. I no longer offer digital files as purchases.

Payment? Cash or email transfer, is due before the session begins.

Session  Description

Session Fee (Prints not included)


At Work Portraits  Great for your office wall, business cards and promotional materials. I know you are busy, so I will come to your workplace, set up and get these done in ten minutes per person or less! Would you like a photo of your entire staff? If more than one person is to be photographed during the session, there is a saving of $10 per subject. I will need about twenty minutes to set up lights and take some test shots  before the session begins. In this instance, a medium resolution digital file IS delivered to the client in lieu of a print.



$50 if only one portrait to be taken

$40 per person if more than one


"The Fairly Fast Photo Session" (AKA a mini session). If time is of the essence and you just want one to three photos to frame or share with friends and relatives, this might be the choice for you. We will meet at a location within a ten minute drive from Truro and work with one pose for about thirty minutes (or less!) to quickly  get  a few great shots from which you can choose up to three favourites for me to edit. This works well for  individuals and families who want a photo to frame, to use in a mail out or to use for social media.






"Meet Me in the Middle" Photo Session  It's just you, or  you and your pets and a small group, so spending almost three hours in front of the camera, as fun as that can be, isn't quite what you were looking for. You'd like about ten photos for a bit of choice, and you'd like to spend less than an hour having them taken. I will travel up to 25 km to your location for this package during the good weather months. (I hate driving in winter!) $2 per km each way for over 25km





 "Let's have Fun" Photo Session with you and your family/pets/friends. These sessions usually take about an hour and a half to two hours from start to finish, and we will mix it up with a variety of shots. You can bring some props or a change of clothes, too, if you'd like. Pets of all shapes and sizes are happily included! (I LOVE pets!) I will travel up to 25 km to your location for this package. Bonus: Complimentary slide show that you can share.  $2 per km each way for over 25km






"This is my Life" Photo Session. Lifestyle and documentary photography is a blast to do and so great to look at in later years. Basically, I follow you around and capture dozens of moments from your day. After a very short time, you'll start to forget I'm even there. I'll be clicking away as the kids throw tantrums (and then give you big, sloppy kisses), as you almost get knocked over by your big old dog who can't wait to go for a walk and as everyone meets in the kitchen to cook lunch. We can tailor this session to meet YOUR life and do not have to limit this to time with the family. Photos from these sessions are lightly edited.



$300 for the first two hours+ $100  an hour thereafter. (Time to be determined in advance)


The option to purchase a printed album with this session (due to the higher number of photos) will be available to you.


A bonus slide show with music will be included!



 Sports Events (single games/matches), Dance Recitals, Plays, Concerts  and Fashion Shows  I shoot with professional Canon equipment and can provide images without the use of distracting flash in most situations. My fee for such sessions is  $100 for each game or performance up to ninety minutes.  Performances and games which are less than ninety minutes are also $100.


For performers who would like individual photos which capture them "in action", I refer them to the "Fairly Fast" or "Meet me in Middle" packages that are listed above.  These sessions are best shot when the subject is not performing/playing  as this can add to their  stress and often does not allow enough time to get the proper photographs.


I do NOT print on site, as I want to take the time to crop and do some editing before releasing photos for sale. My goal is to deliver a quality product.




 $100 up to ninety minutes  

(Number of hours to be determined in advance)


Group or Team shots included if the photo is taken within the ninety minutes or just after the tournament. It's REALLY important, to get a great shot with everyone looking at me, that parents and friends not take their photos at the same time.


For day long events, such as horse shows, the session fee is a flat fee of $300 for up to eight hours. $50 an hour thereafter. Event organizers might consider adding an additional $1-$2 per class registration fee to cover the cost of having an on site photographer.


Did not see what you were looking for?  If you have a unique idea and do not see a match above, run the idea by me and we'll see what we can come up with to suit us both! 

You can email me at or send me a text  902-890-3783 


All photographs, as per the law in our great country, remain the property of the photographer who retains the copyright. Clients purchase the right to use the files, as mentioned above,  for personal use for an unlimited period of time. Coffee in my camera? Oh, no! If something terrible happens,  and the photo files are lost, the payment will be fully refunded and the session shot again if possible. (Fingers crossed as this has not happened yet, but it's best to let you know what would happen!)


The Legalities of Photography
The owner ("Owner") of the copyrighted photograph or video being purchased (the "Work"), hereby grants you the non-exclusive, non-assignable, non-sublicensable, and perpetual right to use, reproduce and distribute the copyrighted Work for personal non-profit purposes, and to incorporate the copyrighted Work, in whole or in part, into derivative works for non-profit distribution.
You are prohibited from using the Work for any other purpose, including: using, reproducing or distributing the Work and/or materials incorporating all or any part of the Work for profit; selling or distributing electronic copies of the Work as standalone files or as part of a product from which a person is able to extract the Work as a standalone file; distributing the Work in or as part of an electronic template (e.g., as an image available in a word processing or web page creation application) intended to be reproduced by third parties on electronic or printed products; or using the Work as part of a trademark, service mark or logo.
Owner retains all other rights in the Work and any derivative work, including without limitation, the right to use, copy, sell, license, and distribute copies of the Work in all markets and territories.
In consideration for the grant of this non-exclusive license, you agree to pay Owner the amount specified, due and payable immediately prior to your downloading a digital copy of the Work.
This Agreement shall be construed and enforced in accordance with the laws designated by Owner, now or in the future.