New to my online booking system?

Let me take  you through the process!


(Just a note that the price lists you see here will be changing before the end of August 2022!)

We'll start with a look at The Portrait Shop (OK, I blipped and called it the Print Shop at one point... sigh... ) You'll want to check out your Package or Session Options before going to the Booking Page.




Pricing __ Myra Hencher Photography - Personal - Microsoft Edge 2022-07-15 14-19-04An overview of the packages, products and collections that are available to you.



Now, you are all set to have a look at the Booking Page. This is where you will choose your date and time, your Session or Package, read and sign the Photography Agreement (aka contract) and forward your payment.



Your booking proposal __ Myra Hencher Photography - Personal - Microsoft Edge 2022-07-15 14-23-36An overview of how to book a photo session online via the booking page.




Want to take a better look at the shop: The Portrait Shop

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