Looking for a Special Photo Event between now and the New Year? Sampler Sessions, aka Mini Sessions, fit the bill when you want to save time or save money or both! They don't last long, but are great opportunities for you to enjoy a relaxed photoshoot with me!



The Fall Sampler includes a 15 minute session at our place in Valley and THREE 5x7 matted prints along with their signed digitals sized for online sharing plus a little extra!  I am going to choose and gift to you another TWO digital files signed and sized for online sharing.
You get a great sample of what a full session is like! Suitable for pets, children and groups of up to six.

Booking times for October 1st, 7th and 8th only. $125

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The Halloween Sampler is a fun session with a themed backdrop. Dress up your little ones or bring your favourite pup for some photo fun😊 Included is a 15 minute session (indoor studio for the little ones) and  ONE 5x7 matted print accompanied by its signed digital sized for online sharing plus a little "treat" from me in the form of two extra signed, social media sized digitals that I will choose and edit for you. The set will facilitate up to three children at one time, but is ideal for one at a time!

October 28th, 29th and 31st


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The Christmas Sampler with a Gift will feature a themed backdrop, and this year we can do this indoors in my home studio! You and your kids kids can wear holiday clothes if they want to! This festive sampler includes a 15 minute session at our place in Valley and three 5x7 matted prints along with their signed digitals sized for online sharing. PLUS…. I am gifting you a loose print for each of the three images. You can keep these, or find a lovely little frame and make them into ideal Christmas presents! 

Booking sessions for Nov. 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th 


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Extra prints and digitals may be purchased after you have viewed your gallery if they are needed!




Everything from choosing your date/time to signing the photo agreement to paying for the Session or Package can now be all done online. Payments may be made via PayPal/credit.  If you haven't already done some window shopping in my online Portrait Shop, please have a look and ask any questions you wish before signing up for your session. Happy to have you here! 


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