Are you ready to book a session with me?



Everything from choosing your date/time to signing the photo agreement to paying for the Session or Package can now be all done online. Payments may be made via e-transfer or PayPal/credit.  If you haven't already done some window shopping in my online Portrait Shop, please have a look and ask any questions you wish before signing up for your session. Happy to have you here! 



If you haven't booked an online session with me before, here are the steps 


If you haven't already done this, please have a look at my  online Portrait Shop so you can see what your options are for Sessions (just the photography time) or Packages (Photography time  Session and whatever products are designated in that Package.)  

When you are ready:

  • Select  your date and time (If you choose a 30 minute or one hour session, the session will start at the time selected. If your time is in a three hour block and you're wanting less time, we will just decide upon a start time together.)
  • Choose your Session option
  • Provide your contact information
  • Fill out a short questionnaire 
  • Accept and Sign the Photo Agreement  
  • Confirm or change your billing address
  • Pay the Session fee with PayPal Credit   (Your booking is not complete without the payment being made and your spot may be lost if it is not received.)   If these payment form will not work for you, just let me know how I can help.
  • That's it!  You will receive a few emails as the process is completed and you will hear from me!

 Please note that if  you start the booking process and  are not able to complete it, the system will not hold your spot for you. If you wish, you can start again or reach out to me if you need help with the process.


Looking forward to our session!