New Year and New Endeavor

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Many years ago, I made a few greeting cards with some horse photos that I had taken. Even though I would have loved to have made and marketed cards at the time, the cost of printing, packaging and delivering was just too much to allow for any profit at all. At all.


Now, here's the thing... it's January in Nova Scotia. Truly not the prettiest time of year, is it?  Not many people want to go outside in our winter weather at the moment(as snowy or snowless as it may be) to have any kind of family or pet portraits done, and I don't blame them!


So, I needed a new endeavor to work on during these slower times that would compliment by photography and generate a bit of income.  This is a business after all! Remembering that I had an old Redbubble account, under the name of Baymare,  where all kinds of things can be printed, I decided to give it a reboot. Out with the old and in with the new! I've rebranded it to  cards and accessories for pet lovers using photos that I have taken over the years.


Since the Redbubble company looks after everything from hosting the site, to setting prices to printing to delivering, my job is to keep my shop up to date and add new material. Will I get rich quick? No LOL For total transparency, the average profit is 22% of a sale, and then I have to pay tax on earnings, etc. So, no to getting rich quick... or ever!  However, it is fun to offer some fun and nice products that are easy for you to order and receive and since nothing is printed until it's ordered it's more eco friendly than me ordering 100 phone cases that never sell. Ever. Here are a few examples of items that are currently available in my shop!


      A spiral notebook                                   Phone case

work-137515347-spiral-notebook (2)work-137515347-spiral-notebook (2) work-137515347-iphone-snap-casework-137515347-iphone-snap-case

Tote bag


Greeting Cards

work-137300086-greeting-cardwork-137300086-greeting-card work-137296209-greeting-cardwork-137296209-greeting-card work-137137598-greeting-cardwork-137137598-greeting-card


I have to admit, that I've been enjoying repurposing some of my older images and then  choosing products to go with them. The photo of Miss Kitty looking all grumpy at Valentines has always been one of my favourite pet photos, so I've put it on a number of products that are available to purchase including throw pillows and mugs.

        work-137137598-throw-pillowwork-137137598-throw-pillow work-137137598-classic-mugwork-137137598-classic-mug

(All these photos are from my Redbubble shop using the site's images. I don't have a pillow yet, but I have just purchased some cards and a spiral notebook for myself and for gifts. Shhh! Don't tell my friends:) For reference,  shipping on those items was $9.55.


If you'd like to take a look at what is offered, please head to  Baymare Cards and Accessories for Pet Lovers to see what is offered. You can check out the products, the pricing and the cost of shipping. IMPORTANT POINT (for me!) I am BAYMARE! When you put something in your cart and want to keep shopping, please backspace to my store as many of the other products offered are not mine. The Redbubble company will show you products from other stores, too.


If you are wondering if I can put images on products that I have made for you in the past, or will make for you going forward, the answer is YES, and  that will be a post for another day!

Hope you enjoy the rest of this month! As always, if you have any questions, please contact me. I always love to hear from folks! 

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