How will you display your images?


What's a great first step in planning a photo session?

It's not the wardrobe!


Before deciding on your wardrobe and location, what you might like to think about is how you want to use and display the photos. Having a session and later making purchases from that session can be quite an investment and you don't want to end up with just a collection of digital files that are looked at for a few days and then forgotten.


It's planning how you will use and display the images!


Here are a few options to consider as you plan your session


  • Do you have a lot of wall space in your home? If so, you might like to consider larger pieces of canvas wall art or framing sets of photos and displaying as collections. If you are not sure how large a canvas or frame would look best, tape some paper or newsprint together to create a few sizes like 20x24 and 24x36 to see what looks best in your home. A canvas print would be ordered as that size. A framed print would have the added dimensions of your chosen frame. Need some inspiration? Let's look on Pinterest! 


  • Limited wall space?  Framed photos on tables, mantles and shelves look beautiful, and you can enjoy them every day.  Smaller framed prints can make the perfect gift!



  • A more recent choice for print display is the Portfolio or Folio Box. The image above is of  matted photos. These photos  are available  in a Portfolio box and can be displayed individually or kept in the box and then taken out and viewed whenever you wish. You can even store these on bookshelves and add to your collection each year  to form a lovely legacy for you and your family.



  • You know you will want to keep all your photos from your session but no one has that much wall space unless in live in a museum! In this case, you  might consider a few framed or wall art pieces and a photo book. We used to call them photo albums when each photo was placed into sleeves, but now they are actually books. Personally, I love photo books as you can really document the session so well with 20+ images.  


So, that was step one to planning for your photo session. I would LOVE to help you with the next steps! Interested? You can reach me right here!


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