PPOC Accreditation and SBE

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In for a pound, in for a penny

That's a pretty old saying, but it applies to how I feel about becoming a professional photographer.

I decided a few years ago that if I was going to do this, I was going to go all in!  After years of doing photography on the side, the summer of 2020 saw me  registering as a business ,getting insurance and becoming  a member of the Professional Photographers of Canada. Now, the PPOC takes what they do even more seriously than me, so until I had a least one Accreditation (meaning I meet their standards of professional photography in one or more of their various photography categories) I couldn't even tell you I was a member.

As of last month, I can now declare my membership as I received TWO accreditations in April: One for Canine/Dog Portraits and one for Feline Portraits. A few of the successful submission are in the block below!
















Did I forget about my people? Not at all! I just completed a really intensive ninety day program that focused on getting the best photo possible from my human photo subject,  but that is a story for another day!




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