Dreams and New Directions

You are never too old to set another goal or  to dream a new dream" -C.S. Lewis


All my life, I've been a bit of  a head in the clouds kind of person. Give me a good book to read, and I won't hear the thunderstorm outside. Give me a sleepless night, and I'll plan my ideal city apartment down to the view out the windows to distract myself until sleep catches up. 

For years I had dreamed of taking my photography to the next level after finishing my teaching career. So, for ten years prior to that time, it was nose to the grindstone in my free hours to learn and refine shooting and editing techniques. That dream was realized in the summer of 2020.

Next came the dreaming up of new ideas and projects. What did I most love to photograph? What types of photos could leave a lasting legacy and create enjoyment for others for decades to come? Well, top of mind was portraits. Portraits of families, pets, siblings, business people,  athletes and more. I love talking with people, getting to know them a bit and making some images that they will love in return. My complete adoration of and respect for pets and horses  is no secret, so portraits of these special creatures is  always high on my list!


Part of my life story is telling yours circlePart of my life story is telling yours circle


This winter, as I thought about the direction I would like to take with my work, the idea of adding Senior Photography to the mix seemed to make so much sense. Teenagers as a group are amazing.  The graduating  year is such a unique time filled with both excitement and anxiety.  Plus, and this is big,  most teens share my love of dreaming!

With some help from four wonderful senior year students from C.E.C., I've been able to create some images that relay a bit of my vision  as to what Senior Photography is. (You'll see them all in an upcoming guide!) To me, it's  about showing who the senior student is this year. It's authentic. It's them. It's their dreams.  It's even a  gift to their future selves to help them remember when dreams were young.



Thank you, Sasha, for allowing me to capture a small part of your huge personality and talents, so I can illustrate my version of  Senior Photography.


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