Senior Photography for Truro and area Grads

Sophia, a soon to be grad, loves reading so what better place to have a session than at the library? 


What is Senior Photography?


Well, several years ago, when I first heard the term Senior Photography, I honestly thought it was portraiture  for pensioners. Makes sense, right? Wrong!

Senior Photography is  all about Senior students or, as we usually call them in Canada, our grad students. This genre is very popular in many part of the USA, and it's catching on up here in Canada, too.

With my background working with students is something I really enjoy, so I started looking into what this Senior Photography was all.  Now, it's almost time to launch this branch of my photo business here in Colchester County for students in all the surrounding schools which are home to grade twelve students and for all those who are about to graduate from nearby community colleges and universities. 


What is it not? It's not a  formal cap and gown studio session. Yes, I do formal headshots and portraits and those can be part of the experience, but there are other studios who have done a terrific job with formal grad portraits for many years.

What is it, then? It's a  photo session or two that takes place in various settings that are important to the grad. The sessions  showcases  their interests and talents and and the styling  remains true to the individual. And... it's fun!




Stay tuned! I am in the process of developing a guide to my Senior Photography program. The graduating year and getting ready to transition into the next stage of life is an intensely pivotal time which is often overlooked. I want to change that!


If you'd like to help  this month (February) with the last few photos I need, as Emilie did in the photo above by playing her violin outside in the pavilion by the Main Street bridge, let me know and we'll chat:)  You can reach me here!


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