Self portrait time

I've been putting off updating my profile photos, and I probably shouldn't admit that...


So, with all the dreary weather, the decision was made to do it today! Lights, action, pets and camera! Piece of cake, right?

Not really!!! Running back and forth to tweak focus on a spot where I "think" we will be, moving the soft box just so and settling back into position with Ella who is just looking for treats and Miss Kitty who doesn't want to be held today BEFORE  the ten second timer went off was.... challenging...not always successful... and really funny at times!

One hour, an exhausted person. a smug cat and a bored pup later, we were done.  Did I get the photos I wanted? Not exactly,  but with a bit of head swapping in post editing  they  will do for now.  Like cutting your own hair,  there is a lesson in all this somewhere...



 Myra and EllaPet Photographer poses with her own dog, a black Belgian Shepherd/Golden Retriever mix.




Would you like to avoid taking your own photos?  I'll be happy to chat with you!





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