Looking for a last minute Christmas present?

Looking for a last-minute Christmas gift?

I have just the thing and it’s NOT a gift certificate!


One of the problems with the Christmas season is that one minute we seem to have weeks and weeks to get our shopping done. We assure ourselves that this is the year we will be one of those special people who gets all the presents bought and all the decorations up by the first week of December.

…. And then it’s the third week of December and we are not… quite… ready…

Or… we really did get most of the preparations accomplished but… we need a last-minute present.


I have a great last minute gift idea that pretty much everyone can use, size won’t matter and it’s easy to wrap: A picture frame.


Besides the fact that picture frames are very useful and pretty easy to source, even at this type of year, let’s break down your choices a bit.


The frame might be the easier part of this present, but there are still some factors from which to choose.  

On a budget?

If your frame is just for a fun purpose, like #s 1 and 2 above, an inexpensive frame from one of our dollar type stores or box stores will be fine. These frames are usually made from plastic  and the front clear section is not designed to protect your image from the sun, nor will it last as long as a good piece of glass. Fun frames usually look best for smaller prints of 4x6. You can often get some really cute ones with sayings, multiple photo sections and in fun colours.

Want something a little nicer?

If you’re looking for a nicer frame that will look good displayed on a mantel, office desk or wall, try something with a wood or metal frame and real glass. Add depth and class to your image by buying a frame with a mat or adding one yourself.  When you are choosing the frame material, keep in mind your recipients home or office décor. If they are into farmhouse chic, a metal frame will not be the best choice. Safe bets, when in doubt, include nicely edged wooden frames in black or grey with white mats.

This frame will be for a really special person!

You need something top end. Absolutely! So, you might be able to find something really nice, even during the third week of December, by visiting one of the local businesses which offer custom framing. There is a good chance that they may have a frame or two in their shop that was ordered but never purchased by a client. These frames will be more expensive than you may be used to paying, but you know the saying… Also, you will be gifting your person something unique and of such great quality that it will likely become a heritage item for their family to display throughout a few generations.


Merry Christmas and all Happy Holidays to you!




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