Christmas Photo Fun with Pets

Each year, I try to get a few photos of our wonderful Ella and her kitty sisters Miss Kitty and Scarlet. Darby the horse also occasionally gets his own holiday photo shoot, but being convinced that the camera I hold is a wonderful treat for him, he is just SO difficult to capture. (I need someone to distract him with carrots as I KNOW that would do the trick!)

Sometimes a few props are taken out and used, sometimes a backdrop or two is arranged and sometimes, much to their embarrassment  I am sure, they are kitted out in a Christmas outfit or are bestrewn with a festive garland of ornaments. It's possible that they may feel the way we do when forced to wear one of those ugly holiday sweaters. It's all for a good cause, though, as I treasure these photos which make me smile every time I look at them.

I hope you also have some wonderful traditions that you enjoy with your pets each year!


MMJH7692 Christmas EllaMMJH7692 Christmas Ella



MMJH7694 Kitty and Santa window frameMMJH7694 Kitty and Santa window frame MMJH7625 Miss Kitty ChristmasMMJH7625 Miss Kitty Christmas MMJH7925MMJH7925


Sadly, one of our pet family members, Mr. Pig the Hedgehog,  departed this earth in March, but happily I was able to take Christmas photos of him last year when he was still in good health. Rest easy, Mr. Pig.


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