February Valentines photo sessions for Children!


What's Happening? It's a Valentine's Mini Photography Session for Kids!

  • This will be a quick ten to fifteen minute Valentine’s themed photo session
  • Four Collections  from which to choose( See below)
  • The backdrop consists of a whimsical sweetshop façade with soft reds, pinks and faded yellows, some cute props and a light beige  “cobblestone road” to complete the scene 😊  
  • located at the H.Douglas Boyce Village Hall which is just over the bridge from Truro to Bible Hill and up to 69 Pictou Road






 Location and Covid-19 regulations and safety

  • Being held at the H. Douglas Boyce Village Hall in Bible Hill
  • Everyone twelve years of age and over must  show proof of full vaccination along with ID. 
  • A permission to record this information form must also be signed. This is in keeping with the current Provincial Health mandates.
  • I’m only booking six sessions for this event at the Hall and have allowed time for these checks to happen at the beginning of each so we still have plenty of time in front of the camera. If the Provincial Health  mandates change and our sessions are not allowed, a full refund, of course, will be made.
  • Except for the little one(s) having their photos done, we'll all be wearing masks, and I'll be using longer portrait lens so I can "keep my distance" 😊


Do you get prints or just digital files? 

If you've done a photo session with me before, you'll know that I am all about prints! Prints are so very important, but I also know that everyone likes to have a digital copy of images, so each print purchased is accompanied by its signed digital file that has been sized for online sharing. There are three Collections that offer prints, plus you can purchase later from the à la carte pricing menu. 

If you would love to do the session but don’t want to commit to purchasing any products before you see your gallery, that’s fine! There is an option called “Session Only” that will work for you.  

Please don’t hesitate to contact me for more information.!




Myra Hencher Hencher(non-registered)
Hello! Photo shoots are all year round, but themed events with backdrops are not. I sent you an email!
Ian Saunders(non-registered)
Do you do these photo shoots at other dates? We only have our 9 year old about half the time, rarely on a weekend.
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