February Must Love Dogs


Why not celebrate Valentine's with PUPPY LOVE?


February Must Love Dogs photography  mini session Collections available from February 8th-12th just minutes  outside of Truro, Nova Scotia! 

If you are the hardy adventurous type, or just don't mind bundling up to keep out the February chill, this is such a fun way to spent time with your favourite dog or two and to make some great photos that you can display on your walls or on desk top for years to come!


  • four days set aside to give you lots of variety so you can work a session into your busy schedule.
  • If you think your pup might be too active or doesn't know enough commands or won't sit still to have the photos taken- that isn't a problem! The key is patience and lots of breaks:) Dogs are like kids and have their own unique personalities, and they are ALL just fine!
  • session will in held in Valley which is about 10 minutes from Truro, N.S. We're really easy to find and on a quiet street.
  • Leashes I can remove during editing. If his/her collar is not one you particularly like, a little shopping expedition might be advisable!


Schedule a consultation if you'd like to talk. We can chat on the phone or via email.




 If you'd like to have a real Valentine's photo with your pup, that can be arranged! Just let me know that you would like to have part of the session done against a LOVE themed backdrop, and I will set it up outside for our session! Let me know before you arrive!

A black long haired dog sits in from of a Valentine's themed backdrop with the words LOVE, Happy and XOXO written on it near Truro, N.S.Puppy LoveElla knows that posing for photos for her mom will net her some great treats!



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