Let me Help!

So, you've just had a photo session and you've chosen your favourite shots from your proof gallery.

Now what?

Are you going to purchase digital files only, share them once on social media and then let them sit in a file on your computer or mobile for... ever?  I certainly hope not! You and your photos deserve a lot better than that!


Over the next few weeks, I'm going to offer you some suggestion of what you can do beforehand when planning for a photo session and what you can do with the photo files you may already have. I am a big believer in having nicely crafted prints  or wall art made from your favourite files, but I also know that everyone likes to have digital images to share and keep, so we are going to look at both print and digital options. 



As you can see from this cell phone pic, in my office/editing area, I've framed four photos of our pets, and I'm using one of my favourite recent photos of Ella as a screensaver. I think I may have this one made into a wall art via a wrapped canvas piece. I love how she looks like she is going to jump up and run towards me:)








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