Worried a bit?



Does the thought of doing a photo session make you feel a little anxious?  Let me help you turn concern to excitement!


Just be yourselves.

Family photo sessions, whether your family is of the human or tail wagging kind, can be amazing. Really. The key is to go into the session knowing that you and yours have to be nothing but your genuine selves.  


Don't worry!

Trust me when I say that I am pretty unflappable, so you never have to worry about what I might think or that your session will be ruined or any other scenario that might be running through your mind. I love what I do. Your kids can run around and be silly. (Great action shots.) Your partner does not have to smile and look at the camera. (They can look at you or the family fido instead.) Your dog can jump on me, and I'll be happy to see that they are so full of life and will try to get some shots showing that exuberance.


It will be fine.

Sessions are meant to be fun. They are a time to hang out with your people and/or pets and just be in the moment. Let me state again that your typical family shenanigans will NOT ruin your photos. I am all about telling your story. Yes, there will be nicely posed portraits among the files to hang on walls and present as gifts, but there will likely also be some  fun, silly and spontaneous moments, too! (See, that is where my Playful AND Classic Portraiture line comes from:)


We will plan together.

What if a child or partner has any special needs to address? We will address them in advance to create the smoothest experience possible on the day. You tell me what it is you need, and we will do what it takes to make the session great for everyone. We might need to plan for more time (or less time), less stimuli, an easy to access area, etc. etc. We can do it!


But what if?

If things are not going well for someone in your group on that particular day, we will rebook. No worries.  No added stress. No extra cost.  The same applies to your pets. If you have, for example, a very nervous pup, we might need to change the location to one that is more comfortable and that makes them feel safer. It's all OK.


This is my job!

So, if you have been a bit shy and hesitant or maybe a bit worried about booking a photo session, I hope I have eased your concerns. My job is to put you, your people and your pets as much at ease as I can and to make some great photo memories for you. Your job is to just be there and enjoy the moment!


By the away, that is our Ella in our photo, and she is wondering just what those cats are going to do next! That was the closest photo I had in my library to illustrate the theme of worry:)


I would love to hear from you! If you have any questions or would just like to chat about a session with your people or pets,  you can contact me here!


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