How do "I" think you can best display photos from our sessions?

How do I think you can best display photos from our sessions?



Since I am all about capturing the playful and the classic poses all in one session and will provide 50 or so proofs for you to consider, in my opinion the best way to display photos from a session with one or two wall art pieces and a photobook, the equivalent of yesteryear's photo album.  You might not want to hang the photo of your two kids chasing each other around and around you as they laugh at the top of their lungs over the fireplace mantle, but you will want to look back at it and other such shots  in twenty years and wish that time was there again. As a mom of grown-up kids, I can almost guarantee that you will treasure such photos. If you have pets, a lovely portrait and a photobook will help keep so many memories fresh in your mind as you flip through the pages.

Files are fun to have and share, but printed material tends to stand the test of time and my favourite product is a photobook. There is something special about sitting beside a family member or friend, flipping through pages of photos and sharing memories about moments past. It's all there in front of you for you to hold and pass back and forth. You can point to the faces, flip back to a page with another photo to compare, and stop and share your stories. No power needed. No special programs to install. No digital data to back up and reformat or lose.

I hear you! Yes, it's the 21st century, and we are in a digital age. So, when I have any prints made for you, whether it is a 32x40 inch canvas destined for your hallway, or a thirty page photobook, you will get a signed digital file that is large enough to share on social media, at no extra charge,  with every print purchased/included in your photobook. That way, you can have it all:)

So, in my opinion, to get the most from our session, that photobook along with a special print/canvas or two (or however many you would like!) is the way to go.  As always, I am more than happy to answer any of your questions.  Hope to hear from you!


PS The lovely Belle, companion Lab supreme,  is shown in the photobook above. 





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