Which Comes First: The Frame/Size or the Photo?

Sometimes, It's the Frame/Size!


If you know that you are going to be making prints from your photo session, it might be a good idea to choose your frames or sizes first and let me, your photographer, know what sizes you have chosen so I can make sure to capture photos that fit perfectly. 

Things to keep in mind:

  •       Do you prefer horizontal (landscape) or vertical(portrait) orientation?
  •       Families, groups and landscapes usually look best in a landscape orientation.  
  •       Would you prefer a frame or ready to hang canvas? (Eliminates the need to choose a matching frame.)
  •       Do your new frames "go" with the ones already on your wall?
  •       How much room do you have? A 30x40 inch print may overwhelm your room, but a grouping of four            8x10s might look great! 4x6 and 5x7 prints are best for desk frames and albums as they are harder to          see from a distance, but you can create some nice wall collections with frames that are larger and have        a wide mat around the photo.
  •       If you are going to set your frame on a desk, make sure you choose one with a pull out piece for                  propping it on a surface. (Yes, I have made that mistake and bought a wall only frame!)
  •       If you can't decide before our session, that is fine! I almost always leave some extra space around each        scene to allow for some minor crop adjustments.
  •      By the way,  Pinterest has some great ideas for wall displays!


Group of Four Frameless Canvas Prints


 Simple White Frame


Have questions? I'd love to answer them!


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