To Crop or Not to Crop and What Exactly is a Crop?

Great Cropping Questions!

Cropping is when you change the native format of a photo to something else. For example, my camera is set to take and display a file that has a ration of 4:6. When I take a photo and preview it, that file would look the same if printed at 4x6, 8x12 or 16x24. I am not very quick at math, but I bet you have already figured out that the 4 and the 6 divide into each of those sets of prints sizes equally!

But what if you don't want a 4x6, 8x12 or 16x24 print? What if you want an 8x10 or a 24x30? Ah! That is when cropping during the editing process happens!

Have a look:
























With the subjects smaller in the frame, as above, it is easier to make crops that still look great!


When the original photo is shot close, not all cropping ratios will work as well as shown by this set:

















An 8x10 print would not work well at all for this file:


What about cropping in? 

Usually, a photo can be cropped in a fair amount and retain enough detail to make a nice smaller print; however, there is a limit and each photo is different. The files that I will  present to you as proofs are close to or at their optimal ratio, but most can be adjusted to suit the size you would like to display. We will work together to make this happen!


More questions?  I'd love to answer them!



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