Your Gallery is Ready!

Your Gallery is Ready!


Viewing the Photo Proofs

  • Your link that you were given will take you to the gallery. Use the password (usually the last part of your link) to access the gallery. The first letter of your password (also called a client ID) is always a small case letter.
  • You can look at your photos as a collection on a page, one at a time or as a slideshow.
  • If you want to, you can log in and create a collection set for yourself to keep track of favourites. 
  • The photos in your gallery are very small files and have "proof" written on them as they are not fully edited. 
  • If you see some files that say "extra" underneath them, those are yours to download. Sometimes, there are some photos that might not be print options, but they are just too cute to languish on my computer:)


What about Sizes?

  • Most of the proofs are shown as a 5:7 ratio which can be trimmed to an 8x10 without too much loss of content. Some of the slimmer rectangular proofs are a 4:6 ratio and can be re-sized if there is enough content area on the top and bottom. If a photo is cropped in tight, that ratio may have to stay as it.
  • Common print sizes are 4x6, 5x7, 8x10, 11x14 and 16x20  (Remember, not all files can be cropped to all ratios without loss of content.) Wall art, in the form of canvas prints, follow the same ratios but can be much larger.
  • Here are two articles that might help you with choosing sizes for your prints or wall art! To Crop or Not To Crop  and Choosing Sizes to Best Suit Your Walls


How Do I Order? (  See the Pricing Menu below Sessions and Pricing Menu )

     You can: 

  1. Make a list of proof numbers and product and size you would like to have and email or message me the list . (The price menu may be seen at the bottom of this page or you can visit the Sessions and Menu Pricing Page for more information.)   If you are ordering files to be put in an album, you don't have to worry about sizes as I will design the album for you.     
  2. Let me know you would like to meet, and I'll come to you to take your order and answer any questions. (We can Zoom if Covid is still with us.)

      If any proofs are to be cropped, I will crop the proof and place it in the gallery so you can double check that you like the new ratio. If you don't,  we'll choose a new one!

      3. You will receive an invoice from me for the total cost of your products. (No tax at this time!) If you are ordering more than four items,  you will see that your total will  change a bit as I put them in a Collection for you. For example, if you were to order four copies of the same file, you would not pay full price for the three additional copies, or if you ordered a piece of wall art, and three or more prints, I would take that into consideration when preparing your invoice. (Four or more products!) 

     4.  As soon as I have received an email transfer from you for the total cost of your order, I will finish editing your chosen files and then send the order to print. Some products are ordered locally, and some are from a European company. Time for them to be returned depends on the company. I send them off within a week of your order being finalized.

As soon as the order arrives, I will  package your products and deliver them to you if you live near Truro, N.S. If not, we can arrange to meet when you are in town, or you can have them shipped to your home via one of the provincial companies for their cost of shipping. 

From the Sessions and Pricing Menu Page

That's pretty much it! If you have questions, don't hesitate to ask! For example, you might wonder about Photo Book prices. Photobooks from a department store made from a personal camera or cell phone may cost a lot less than what you see here and the colours will probably not look the same.

For these albums, the price reflects the number of fully edited full resolution files that are placed in your book, the hours to design the album, the paper and print quality and the binding materials from which the Photo Book is made along with shipping and my product cost. A "Fun Photo Book" that is not of heirloom quality consisting  of 11 pages (22 sides) is offered above.

If you would like to design your own book from purchased files, please just let me know! File prices are listed above, but a Collection quote can be made based on the number of files needed and the resolution of the files.

See, there is one question answered:) 



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