Using Pinterest to Prepare for a Session

Maybe this could have been titled,  "Is Pinterest Your Style Guide?" 


Fall session guide_01Fall session guide_01


One of the fun parts about planning a session is picking out what you, and everyone else including the fur babies, is going to wear. Here's the thing, while you want to make sure everyone is really comfortable so they will feel good and relaxed, you are also probably going to invest in  wall art, prints and/or a photo book and you want to make sure that along with feeling fine, everyone looks fine, too! We all know that Pinterest is a great resource for all things home and fashion. If you type in "What to wear for photo session", it will show you a list of prompts to choose a fall photo session... family photo session... beach photo session and so on.  


Another fun way to use Pinterest for inspiration is to check out all their posts on how to decorate  your home using wall art.  Here's some saved pins I thought you might like!


Some people even like to get some posing ideas from Pinterest and that can be a great idea, especially if you are wanting several different looks for you or your family. It's really helpful to let your photographer know if you saw a pose you want to try, so you can discuss it before your session and determine if it's a good look!


One caution when it comes to using Pinterest to plan your session is to realize that many of the outdoor photos you see were taken at optimum times  of the day (half an hour on either side of sunrise and sunset) which is why your photographer will suggest the best times for you based on location and time of year. Bright sunlight casts much harsher shadows, so it at all possible try to plan your session around very early morning or early evening times. (There are some exceptions to these times, but you can talk to your photo person about that!)


  See you on Pinterest!  







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