Summer is Over


I have to admit, that I always feel a little sad as August moves into September. For years, it meant revving up to go back to school, which was exciting, but there was always that bit of melancholia as the daylight hours shortened and temperatures fell. Summer, always, has been my happiest season.  Thank you to all the folks who entrusted me with capturing their moments over the past few months! 

This year, my goal is to forge a new relationship with Fall and Winter! With a huge change in lifestyle now allowing me to appreciate the outdoors seven days a week and not just two, it's time to embrace the great outdoors and these two unique seasons.

So, good-bye to Summer 2020. With my last photography session of the summer  having been completed on September 20th, it's time to look forward to Fall and time to  bundle up and track down the most amazing fall foliage for autumn photos. 


  Summer 2020


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