It's Time for Change!


I am almost jumping with excitement. Is it because I have just retired from many years of teaching junior high? No! Well, maybe a tiny bit:)  The reason I am so full of anticipation is because I can finally devout most of my earning hours to photographing you and and your four legged family! Yes! I have been waiting for YEARS for this time to come. 



My photography business will be  tailored to what YOU want and to what you can afford at this particular time. If we complete a session together, no order is too small and no order is too big.  I am all about quality photography, economic reality and the fairness of pricing for you and the fairness of pricing my services in this market for me.  I am basing my session fees on time and all products may be purchased separately. You do not have to buy a package. Everything is available a la carte.   


For those wanting sessions beyond an hour,  a retainer fee to hold your session is all you need to start. That retainer fee then pays for up to one hour of photography. After our session, you can choose how much or how little you would like to spend.  


For those of you who do like packages, I put together one called Just for You, for which you don't even need a retainer!  You will receive two medium sized prints (10x8 or 12x8)  accompanied by their social media sized files.  By comparison, how much does it cost to take a family of four to a fast food restaurant? Which experience is more special? Which product lasts longer? I rest my case! There is also a Mini Session available with one print that takes up to twenty minutes and no longer!

You will receive a signed, social media sized file for sharing with every print purchased, so there will be no need to purchase a more expensive digital file unless you plan to make multiple prints on your own.


Stay tuned for more information!





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