Taking Safety Precautions while Making Memories!

Photography might not be essential in the way food and health care most certainly is, but it's definitely essential to preserving memories and events.  Time doesn't stop and wait for an all clear, so we carry on!



What will we do as photographer and client to make our time enjoyable and safe? Here are a few ideas:

1) We will meet at outside locations to make physical distancing really easy.

2) We will keep our subject group to less than ten.

3) I will not handle nor touch your pet without your permission. (This will be the hardest rule to follow!)

4) I will provide hand sanitizer or wipes for you to use.

5) I will use a longer lens and never have to be closer than twelve feet.

6) You can wear a mask and hide it for a few moments while your photo is being taken.

7) I can wear a mask if we need to be less than twelve feet from each other.

8) You can bring any props that you would like to have incorporated into your photos. I won't touch them:)

9) If you or I are not feeling well, we will re-schedule. Any retainer fees can be refunded or used to hold another date.

10) All payments can be contactless via email transfer or Paypal.

11) Galleries are available to view online in the privacy of your own home!

12) Products will have "airing out  time" before being delivered.



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