Why Don't I Want to Sell Digital Files?

Photo by Meghan LyndsPhoto by Meghan Lynds


Do you see this photo book sitting on Meg and Jay's coffee table? (Thank you, guys, for the photo!) The day we made those photos has come and gone. Months have come and gone and that sweet puppy is now all grown up. The value of being able to look back on that time will only increase with every passing year. This book, and the prints made from that session, have the potential to last for decades, and they will NEVER become obsolete.

Can you say the same about the files that are sitting on your phone or on your computer?

I don't want to sell just digital files as the chances are too great that they will be lost, or that our ever changing technology will render them irretrievable. 

I want YOU to have prints, whether they be in the form of wall art, shoe box prints or photo books so your special times will always be in sight. Your memories shouldn't be trusted to a  memory stick!





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