Throwback Thursday May 2020 Did you save the last dance?



Congratulations to the C.E.C. grads of 2020! 



There are some pretty exciting plans underway to celebrate your achievements thanks to some very industrious and caring members of our community. 

Reading about the proposed graduation ceremony made me wonder what old grade 9  T.J.H.S. grad dance  photos I had saved on the site that hadn't seen the light of day for awhile.

What did I find? Five different years of grad dance photos of students looking vibrant and beautiful. For a fun Throwback Thursday, take a peek at your 14-15 year old selves from a few years ago and maybe  have a little smile as you think back on those days.

May your future be  a happy one!



If you know the name of your old school, you can figure out the password. (Abbreviation and no capitals:)


TJHS Grad Dance  June 2019


TJHS Grad Dance  June 2018


Sebastion BSebastion B


TJHS Grad Dance  June 2017



TJHS Grad Dance  June 2016


Hover over left corner for downloading menu. Choose "original" for best quality.


TJHS Grad Dance June 2013



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