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Viewing the Photo Proofs

  • Your link that you were given will take you to the gallery. Use the password (usually the last part of your link) to access the gallery. The first letter of your password (also called a client ID) is always a small case letter.
  • You can look at your photos as a collection on a page, one at a time or as a slideshow.
  • If you want to, you can log in and create a collection set for yourself to keep track of favourites. 
  • The photos in your gallery are very small files and have "proof" written on them as they are not fully edited. 
  • If you see some files that say "extra" underneath them, those are yours to download. Sometimes, there are some photos that might not be print options, but they are just too cute to languish on my computer:)


What about Sizes?

  • Most of the proofs are shown as a 5:7 ratio which can be trimmed to an 8x10 without too much loss of content. Some of the slimmer rectangular proofs are a 4:6 ratio and can be re-sized if there is enough content area on the top and bottom. If a photo is cropped in tight, that ratio may have to stay as it.
  • Common print sizes are 4x6, 5x7, 8x10, 11x14 and 16x20  (Remember, not all files can be cropped to all ratios without loss of content.) Wall art, in the form of canvas prints, follow the same ratios but can be much larger.
  • Here are two articles that might help you with choosing sizes for your prints or wall art! To Crop or Not To Crop  and Choosing Sizes to Best Suit Your Walls


How Do I Order? (  See the Pricing Menu below Sessions and Pricing Menu )

     You can: 

  1. Make a list of proof numbers and product and size you would like to have and email or message me the list . (The price menu may be seen at the bottom of this page or you can visit the Sessions and Menu Pricing Page for more information.)   If you are ordering files to be put in an album, you don't have to worry about sizes as I will design the album for you.     
  2. Let me know you would like to meet, and I'll come to you to take your order and answer any questions. (We can Zoom if Covid is still with us.)

      If any proofs are to be cropped, I will crop the proof and place it in the gallery so you can double check that you like the new ratio. If you don't,  we'll choose a new one!

      3. You will receive an invoice from me for the total cost of your products. (No tax at this time!) If you are ordering more than four items,  you will see that your total will  change a bit as I put them in a Collection for you. For example, if you were to order four copies of the same file, you would not pay full price for the three additional copies, or if you ordered a piece of wall art, and three or more prints, I would take that into consideration when preparing your invoice. (Four or more products!) 

     4.  As soon as I have received an email transfer from you for the total cost of your order, I will finish editing your chosen files and then send the order to print. Some products are ordered locally, and some are from a European company. Time for them to be returned depends on the company. I send them off within a week of your order being finalized.

As soon as the order arrives, I will  package your products and deliver them to you if you live near Truro, N.S. If not, we can arrange to meet when you are in town, or you can have them shipped to your home via one of the provincial companies for their cost of shipping. 

From the Sessions and Pricing Menu Page

That's pretty much it! If you have questions, don't hesitate to ask! For example, you might wonder about Photo Book prices. Photobooks from a department store made from a personal camera or cell phone may cost a lot less than what you see here and the colours will probably not look the same.

For these albums, the price reflects the number of fully edited full resolution files that are placed in your book, the hours to design the album, the paper and print quality and the binding materials from which the Photo Book is made along with shipping and my product cost. A "Fun Photo Book" that is not of heirloom quality consisting  of 11 pages (22 sides) is offered above.

If you would like to design your own book from purchased files, please just let me know! File prices are listed above, but a Collection quote can be made based on the number of files needed and the resolution of the files.

See, there is one question answered:) 


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Fall Photo Session Guide for 2021 Getting ready for your Fall Photo Session?

I've prepared a guide just for you!     

 Fall 2021 Guide

Fall session guide_01Fall session guide_01  

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Photo Books! Do you remember sitting with family or friends and looking through an old photo album together?

Do you remember the stories, the laughs and the occasional hidden tear? Do you remember how you felt when you saw your younger self or the face of a loved one or treasured pet? 

If you can answer yes to some or all of these questions, you'll understand why I love Photo Books so much. Photobooks are updated versions of those old albums. Instead of photos that are put in one by one, you receive an actual picture book to hold and share. Not only that, since it's 2021, you'll also receive social media sized files of all the photos that are printed in your book. How many photos do you get to choose that go in the book? From your private online proof gallery, you get to choose up to twenty-five of your favourites. In a twenty two page book, there are usually 30 photos included, so I will then choose the remainder. Yes, you can purchase additional pages for your book, and you can purchase extra copies. We can discuss all those details!

These books deserve some extra time and maybe some different locations and wardrobe changes, so the package includes up to four hours of photography time and three locations. If the locations are within 20km of Truro, NS, there is no extra mileage charge. (Four hours of session time normally would be $225 with no products and social media sized files are  $35 each. Yes, this is a very, very well priced package.)

For the starting package price of $450, you receive an  8x11 hardcopy edition with lustre paper pages. This is a nice book, and is the one shown in the photos below,  but if you wish a higher quality book that will withstand more use and viewing, that product is also available.

Can you purchase any of the session's captures as prints or wall art? Yes! Additional purchases can always be made via the a la carte menu. 

If this sounds interesting, let's talk!


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Weddings? I do!  

Weddings? I do! 

(Elopements and Vow Renewals too!)





With a few caveats. Those of you wishing to have your special day captured may want to work with me if:


1) You are having a small wedding of less than forty in attendance. (You can have as many pets there as your heart desires.)


2) You are holding your event in Colchester County. (Less chance of my getting lost and no extra travel fees for you.)


2) You are holding it during the day either outside or in a well lit and roomy indoor facility. (No need for me to set up lights. Keeps your photo costs way down! )


3) You are feeling pretty good and relaxed about your day, (no bridezillas!) and you want someone who will meet with you and listen to develop a plan for how you would like your day to be documented.


4) You value prints and albums as a way to cherish those memories that you will be making. (Even though, of course, you'd like to have digitals to share on social media!)


5) You would like to keep your total costs (social media digitals, a few special prints and an album) to under $2000. Yes, you can purchase more, or allow family friends to purchase prints,  but this will likely be all that you need. If I have an assistant with me, it will be at no extra cost to you.  For Vow Renewals and Elopements, please contact me so I can provide you with a quote based on your unique needs.




I am currently booking out only one wedding per month in late 2021. If you think we might be a good match, you can :  Contact me here!








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Only 3 Fab Fridays Left! KMProof_11KMProof_11

That is Minnie the Yorkie up there in the photo which was taken in my yard earlier this summer. Is that not one of the most adorable and happy pup faces you've ever seen?

Today, I'm just putting out a quick note about there being only THREE Fridays left in August. That is kind of sad for someone who loves summer as much as I do. 

If you missed the information about this summer event the first time around, here it is again:)


With many restrictions soon to be lifted after a very long spring,  I launched Fabulous Fridays for the months of June and July to help us celebrate. At the time of writing this, there are only three Fridays left! 

We will  do a fun twenty minute morning session together, and you will receive an 8x10 or 8x12 print with its accompanying signed file for social media sharing. (These are about 900px on the long side.)



Who: Anyone including pets or just a pet!

Where: In the lower part of Victoria Park or one of my favourite nearby trails close to Truro.  

Why: To have some fun on Friday!

When: Fridays between 9 and 11 in the morning or between 6 and 7 in the evening, if it has not been previously booked. 

What: 20 minute session/private proof gallery/print/digital file for $50 (no GST nor HST)  

How: This event is limited to two sessions per Friday.  Waiver of Release to be signed digitally and email transfer forwarded within 24 hours of booking, thank you. Covid-19 restrictions will be in place to keep us all as safe as possible. 


Interested?    Contact me right here!

To read over the Waiver: Waiver of Release

To learn more about Full Sessions, Collections and A la carte pricing: Session and Pricing Info






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Planning Your Photo Session Step One  

You might think that planning for what you will wear will come first, but not necessarily.



Before deciding on your wardrobe and location, what you might like to think about is how you want to use and display the photos. Having a session and later making purchases from that session can be quite an investment and you don't want to end up with just a collection of digital files that are looked at for a few days and then forgotten.

So, here are a few options to consider:

  • Do you have a lot of wall space in your home? If so, you might like to consider larger pieces of canvas wall art or framing sets of photos and displaying as collections. If you are not sure how large a canvas or frame would look best, tape some paper or newsprint together to create a few sizes like 20x24 and 24x36 to see what looks best in your home. A canvas print would be ordered as that size. A framed print would have the added dimensions of your chosen frame.  Need some inspiration? Pinterest!
  • Limited wall space? 5x7 framed photos on tables and shelves look beautiful, and you can enjoy them every day. These sizes, when framed, also make lovely gifts.
  • You love all your photos from your session but no one has that much wall space... unless they live in a museum! You might consider a few framed or wall art pieces and/or a photo book. We used to call them photo albums when each photo was placed in those sleeves, but now they are actually books. Personally, I love photo books as you can really document the session so well with 20+ scenes.  Books come in a variety of sizes and bindings and as such can be designed for the budget conscious and those looking for a more luxurious product.

So, that was step one to planning for your photo session. Up next... Planning for colours and location! Stay tuned!


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Let me Help! So, you've just had a photo session and you've chosen your favourite shots from your proof gallery.

Now what?

Are you going to purchase digital files only, share them once on social media and then let them sit in a file on your computer or mobile for... ever?  I certainly hope not! You and your photos deserve a lot better than that!


Over the next few weeks, I'm going to offer you some suggestion of what you can do beforehand when planning for a photo session and what you can do with the photo files you may already have. I am a big believer in having nicely crafted prints  or wall art made from your favourite files, but I also know that everyone likes to have digital images to share and keep, so we are going to look at both print and digital options. 



As you can see from this cell phone pic, in my office/editing area, I've framed four photos of our pets, and I'm using one of my favourite recent photos of Ella as a screensaver. I think I may have this one made into a wall art via a wrapped canvas piece. I love how she looks like she is going to jump up and run towards me:)







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August Session Contest

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Small dogs are great dogs! One of the best weeks ever! That is how I would describe getting to photograph these cuties that arrived as part of my small dog model call last week.

One of the things I wanted to do was test out my new "shedio". What is a shedio? It's my answer to shooting inside during a time when inside activities are restricted. I'll post all about it when I have it tweaked and a bit more polished. (That said, shabby chic will definitely be its style!)

Hope you enjoy these this little slideshow and hope you contact me and say, "Hey, I want that experience for my dog!"  




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Fabulous Fridays!  

Fabulous Fridays!




I've always thought that Friday was such a great day of the week, and in the summer I especially love the mornings!   

With many restrictions soon to be lifted after a very long spring,  I've launched Fabulous Fridays for the months of June and July to help us celebrate. We will  do a fun twenty minute morning session together, and you will receive an 8x10 or 8x12 print with its accompanying signed file for social media sharing. (These are about 900px on the long side.)



Who: Anyone including pets or just a pet!

Where:In the lower part of Victoria Park or one of my favourite nearby trails close to Truro.  

Why: To have some fun on Friday!

When: Fridays between 9 and 11 in the morning or between 6 and 7 in the evening, if it has not been previously booked. 

What: 20 minute session/private proof gallery/print/digital file for $50 (no GST nor HST)  

How: This event is limited to two sessions per Friday.  Waiver of Release to be signed digitally and email transfer forwarded within 24 hours of booking, thank you. Covid-19 restrictions will be in place to keep us all as safe as possible. 


Interested?    Contact me right here!

To read over the Waiver: Waiver of Release

To learn more about Full Sessions, Collections and A la carte pricing: Session and Pricing Info






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Home and Office Décor  


Who needs generic prints when you can be surrounded by family, friends and special places? 


decor Animoto_video_326849680_1080x1080_F30



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Worried a bit?                                          


Does the thought of doing a photo session make you feel a little anxious?  Let me help you turn concern to excitement!


Just be yourselves.

Family photo sessions, whether your family is of the human or tail wagging kind, can be amazing. Really. The key is to go into the session knowing that you and yours have to be nothing but your genuine selves.  


Don't worry!

Trust me when I say that I am pretty unflappable, so you never have to worry about what I might think or that your session will be ruined or any other scenario that might be running through your mind. I love what I do. Your kids can run around and be silly. (Great action shots.) Your partner does not have to smile and look at the camera. (They can look at you or the family fido instead.) Your dog can jump on me, and I'll be happy to see that they are so full of life and will try to get some shots showing that exuberance.


It will be fine.

Sessions are meant to be fun. They are a time to hang out with your people and/or pets and just be in the moment. Let me state again that your typical family shenanigans will NOT ruin your photos. I am all about telling your story. Yes, there will be nicely posed portraits among the files to hang on walls and present as gifts, but there will likely also be some  fun, silly and spontaneous moments, too! (See, that is where my Playful AND Classic Portraiture line comes from:)


We will plan together.

What if a child or partner has any special needs to address? We will address them in advance to create the smoothest experience possible on the day. You tell me what it is you need, and we will do what it takes to make the session great for everyone. We might need to plan for more time (or less time), less stimuli, an easy to access area, etc. etc. We can do it!


But what if?

If things are not going well for someone in your group on that particular day, we will rebook. No worries.  No added stress. No extra cost.  The same applies to your pets. If you have, for example, a very nervous pup, we might need to change the location to one that is more comfortable and that makes them feel safer. It's all OK.


This is my job!

So, if you have been a bit shy and hesitant or maybe a bit worried about booking a photo session, I hope I have eased your concerns. My job is to put you, your people and your pets as much at ease as I can and to make some great photo memories for you. Your job is to just be there and enjoy the moment!


By the away, that is our Ella in our photo, and she is wondering just what those cats are going to do next! That was the closest photo I had in my library to illustrate the theme of worry:)


I would love to hear from you! If you have any questions or would just like to chat about a session with your people or pets,  you can contact me here!

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Hug Your Dog Day Contest  

Thank you! The contest has now closed. Winner to be announced on April 10, 2021!

Let's Welcome Spring with a Fun Contest for You and Your Best Tail Wagging Pal!



What can you win?

A half hour photo session for you and your pooch(es) with me at an easily accessible area of Victoria Park  to be held between April 11th and May 15th of this year AND a 16x20 fine art print! (Sorry, no substitutions and no cash value.)


How can you enter?

Fill in the attached Google contest form with your name and email, answer one easy question and hit submit! (You'll get a confirmation email so you will know you're in.) Minimum age to enter is 18. (If you are younger, just ask a parent or guardian to enter for you:)


Can you get extra entries?

Yes! If you want to refer a friend, ask them to fill in the last section of the contest form and you will both get two extra entries.


When does the contest close?

 Midnight of  April 9, 2021.


Entry form:




Can you have other people and pets with you?

Yes! As long as there is at least one dog in the photo, that will meet the requirements. 


When does the winner get picked?

On April 10, 2021  (I will have all entries in an excel file which I will print, cut in strips and make a random draw, unless I can figure out how to get Google to do a random draw. (I am not up to date on all the fancy ways of using excel to pick a winner. Old school might have to do :)


What if the winner  doesn't have their session completed before May 15th?

That would be awful, but the winner would then forfeit the prize.


Is my email collected?

Yes, Google forms collects your email as part of the contest. If you do not want me to send you the name of the winner, updates about future contests and the occasional photo info email, just click NO at the end of the form.


Can I enter more than once?

Yes! You can enter on your own up to ten times, AND you can get even more entries by referring a friend. (See above.)


Any other questions?

I am always happy to hear from you.  Contact me here!

BTW, this contest is not connected to Facebook, Zenfolio web hosting or any other third party organization. It's just from me!


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How do "I" think you can best display photos from our sessions?

How do I think you can best display photos from our sessions?



Since I am all about capturing the playful and the classic poses all in one session and will provide 50 or so proofs for you to consider, in my opinion the best way to display photos from a session with one or two wall art pieces and a photobook, the equivalent of yesteryear's photo album.  You might not want to hang the photo of your two kids chasing each other around and around you as they laugh at the top of their lungs over the fireplace mantle, but you will want to look back at it and other such shots  in twenty years and wish that time was there again. As a mom of grown-up kids, I can almost guarantee that you will treasure such photos. If you have pets, a lovely portrait and a photobook will help keep so many memories fresh in your mind as you flip through the pages.

Files are fun to have and share, but printed material tends to stand the test of time and my favourite product is a photobook. There is something special about sitting beside a family member or friend, flipping through pages of photos and sharing memories about moments past. It's all there in front of you for you to hold and pass back and forth. You can point to the faces, flip back to a page with another photo to compare, and stop and share your stories. No power needed. No special programs to install. No digital data to back up and reformat or lose.

I hear you! Yes, it's the 21st century, and we are in a digital age. So, when I have any prints made for you, whether it is a 32x40 inch canvas destined for your hallway, or a thirty page photobook, you will get a signed digital file that is large enough to share on social media, at no extra charge,  with every print purchased/included in your photobook. That way, you can have it all:)

So, in my opinion, to get the most from our session, that photobook along with a special print/canvas or two (or however many you would like!) is the way to go.  As always, I am more than happy to answer any of your questions.  Hope to hear from you!


PS The lovely Belle, companion Lab supreme,  is shown in the photobook above. 




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Which Comes First: The Frame/Size or the Photo? Sometimes, It's the Frame/Size!


If you know that you are going to be making prints from your photo session, it might be a good idea to choose your frames or sizes first and let me, your photographer, know what sizes you have chosen so I can make sure to capture photos that fit perfectly. 

Things to keep in mind:

  •       Do you prefer horizontal (landscape) or vertical(portrait) orientation?
  •       Families, groups and landscapes usually look best in a landscape orientation.  
  •       Would you prefer a frame or ready to hang canvas? (Eliminates the need to choose a matching frame.)
  •       Do your new frames "go" with the ones already on your wall?
  •       How much room do you have? A 30x40 inch print may overwhelm your room, but a grouping of four            8x10s might look great! 4x6 and 5x7 prints are best for desk frames and albums as they are harder to          see from a distance, but you can create some nice wall collections with frames that are larger and have        a wide mat around the photo.
  •       If you are going to set your frame on a desk, make sure you choose one with a pull out piece for                  propping it on a surface. (Yes, I have made that mistake and bought a wall only frame!)
  •       If you can't decide before our session, that is fine! I almost always leave some extra space around each        scene to allow for some minor crop adjustments.
  •      By the way,  Pinterest has some great ideas for wall displays!


Group of Four Frameless Canvas Prints


 Simple White Frame


Have questions? I'd love to answer them!

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Choosing Sizes to Best Suit Your Walls

Choosing Print Sizes

You've chosen your favourite proofs to have printed. What is the best size, though? If you read my last blog, about ratios, then you have a pretty good understanding of what an 8x10 ratio will cover as opposed to an 8x12. ( That blog post is right here!)

If you are wondering what sizes would look best on your walls, have a look at the diagram below with a three seater sofa for perspective. It's about 6 feet on the inside and about 7.5 if you include the arms. These samples depict the actual photo or canvas size  in portrait, or vertical, orientation. Adding a frame would add a bit to the outside dimensions. Smaller and medium sized photo prints look great when grouped together in an ensemble.  (Check Pinterest for some great ideas about grouping photos!)


Reminder: 4:6 ratio provides  4x6, 8x12, 16x24, 32x48 prints with no loss of subject due to cropping

                8:10 ratio provides 8x10, 16x20, 32x40 prints with no loss of subject due to cropping

                Print sizes such as 5x7, 11x14, 20x24 etc. will not look exactly like their original file ratio, but they can usually still look great! 

                A square print will greatly change the  look of your photo. The photographer will frame the main subject within the square.


Any questions? I'd love to answer them!




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To Crop or Not to Crop and What Exactly is a Crop? Great Cropping Questions!

Cropping is when you change the native format of a photo to something else. For example, my camera is set to take and display a file that has a ration of 4:6. When I take a photo and preview it, that file would look the same if printed at 4x6, 8x12 or 16x24. I am not very quick at math, but I bet you have already figured out that the 4 and the 6 divide into each of those sets of prints sizes equally!

But what if you don't want a 4x6, 8x12 or 16x24 print? What if you want an 8x10 or a 24x30? Ah! That is when cropping during the editing process happens!

Have a look:
























With the subjects smaller in the frame, as above, it is easier to make crops that still look great!


When the original photo is shot close, not all cropping ratios will work as well as shown by this set:

















An 8x10 print would not work well at all for this file:


What about cropping in? 

Usually, a photo can be cropped in a fair amount and retain enough detail to make a nice smaller print; however, there is a limit and each photo is different. The files that I will  present to you as proofs are close to or at their optimal ratio, but most can be adjusted to suit the size you would like to display. We will work together to make this happen!


More questions?  I'd love to answer them!


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Photography Sessions and Print Costs. Where do they come from?  

Three black and white snapshots with a photo envelope and pieceThree black and white snapshots with a photo envelope and pieceAgainst a white background is arranged three black and white snapshots of a little girl in 1961 and 1962 on top of a yellow vintage photo envelope and a piece of brown negative.


A few years ago, when I starting to plan for making photography a small business, one of the things I looked for online was information about how much I should charge. Unfortunately, there wasn't a whole lot of good information. A lot of advice was about finding an ideal client (apparently one who purchased only designer handbags, drove six figure vehicles and had an unlimited amount of disposable income) and setting your price high enough to make a six figure salary as a photographer. (Excuse me while I roll around laughing here!) As you can tell, I wasn't too impressed nor helped by this type of advice.

So, if any of you are wondering how I set my session fees  and my print and product fees (which I just lowered significantly as I want more people to purchase prints), here is the list that I came up when figuring out  what to include in my cost of doing business. After taking a look, what do you think of my session and product fees?    Session and Pricing Info   Contact me here!


Session Fee (This is the photo session fee)

  • Knowledge of Camera technology and use, posing, lighting, etc.
  • Gas within Colchester County to and from shoot 
  • Time spent with texts, emails and phone calls 
  • Time spent taking the photos (Up to two hours)
  • Editing: Knowledge  
  • Editing: Time (Hour long shoot usually takes up about three hours of editing/processing time)
  • Monthly fees for online music and slideshow programs used
  • Website hosting cost
  • Cost and maintenance of two or more cameras, camera cards, lens, lighting, misc gear
  • Cost and maintenance of computer and two monitors
  • Cost of external hard drive(s)
  • Cost of card readers
  • Cost of backdrops and stands
  • Cost of Advertising
  • Marketing materials
  • Yearly business fee
  • Yearly insurance fee
  • Yearly photography association membership fees
  • Education costs (tutorials, books, etc)
  • Perks to clients (complimentary items)
  • Financial service costs (consultant, banking...)


Print and Product Fees (No department store printing!)

  • Costs of prints/products plus 15% tax
  • Time for final editing (polishing, re-cropping)
  • Time spent doing and sending invoices
  • Photo packaging cost
  • Gas to and from the printers
  • Gas to and from the client's on photo delivery day


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Valentine's Day Fun! Have you heard about my fun Valentine's Day Event?


Would you like a special offer for this Valentine's Day event??  Contact me here and I will fill you in! No worries if you have already booked, as this will definitely be for you, too!


As the poster states, you can gift your special someone a session AND a printed 4 panel collage, just like the one in the poster! Flowers fade and chocolates soon disappear, but this Valentine's Day present gives you the gift of time spent together and a print for you to frame and treasure for years to come. 

A lasting gift or photography or roses with candy? Why not both?  Total cost, including the session and the printed 8x10 collage, is $75 . UPDATE: I decided to play Valentine's forward and have reduced the fee.    Conact me for a SWEET offer!  This is a time limited offer, so bookings must be made on or before February 14, 2021 to take advantage of this offer.

Sessions will be held outside in a lovely public space in the town of Truro or in nearby Bible Hill. 

After your session has been completed, please allow two weeks for editing and printing. I will contact you and deliver your print when it is ready. ( I love that part!) 

All COVID  precautions will be taken, including the use of a long lens while photographing. We all want to be safe.

More details under the poster!  


Here is the collage by itself: 

The more details part:

Payment for this event is due upon booking. If the session must be cancelled due to weather or illness, you will have the options to rebook a different time at this special price or receive a full refund. Payments may be made through e-transfers. (

If you would like to personalize the message on the collage, that can be done at no extra charge.  If you prefer black and white photos, just let me know in advance. 

A release waiver is always used for my sessions. You can read it right here: Release/Waiver

If I have forgotten to cover any points, or you have questions: My E-mail

Looking forward to hearing from you!




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Gift Certificates! Christmas is almost upon us and we would all like to get something a little special for our friends and loved ones. If they live in the Truro area, a gift of a fun photo session at a nearby location with two prints THEY choose from a private gallery  might be just the thing! While a certificate on its own would make a great gift, adding one or two 5x7 frames could be a consideration. Plus, signed social media sized digital files always accompany any prints that accompany a gift certificate or that are purchased separately!

Gift certificates can be purchased via e-transfer to  when ordered or by cash when delivered.  We can arrange for me to deliver them to you in the Truro area (contact free) on or before December 20th.


The purchase price is the final price. There are no taxes added to the $50. I am often asked if people may purchase other prints from these sessions, and the answer is "Yes", but there is absolutely no pressure or expectation to do so. The waiver that all my clients sign is right here:Waiver and Release form  


                     Hope I can make your shopping easier!


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Autumn At heart, I am a Summer girl. I love the heat, I love the sunshine and I LOVE the longer evenings. Being a fair person, though, I have to give Fall its props:)

Where Summer is all about green and blue, Fall is about every earthy colour you could imagine. Knowing that we are going into that season where one colour is predominant with various shades of grey, let's soak up as much colour as we can to keep us going until next Spring!

Thank you to all the lovely people and pets who have shared some Autumn sunshine with me so far this year! 

Fall ColoursFall photos against a backdrop of Nature's finest!







(Myra Hencher Photography) Nova Scotia autumn cat dog family photographer photography portraits save memories Truro Sat, 17 Oct 2020 23:08:01 GMT
Summer is Over  

I have to admit, that I always feel a little sad as August moves into September. For years, it meant revving up to go back to school, which was exciting, but there was always that bit of melancholia as the daylight hours shortened and temperatures fell. Summer, always, has been my happiest season.  Thank you to all the folks who entrusted me with capturing their moments over the past few months! 

This year, my goal is to forge a new relationship with Fall and Winter! With a huge change in lifestyle now allowing me to appreciate the outdoors seven days a week and not just two, it's time to embrace the great outdoors and these two unique seasons.

So, good-bye to Summer 2020. With my last photography session of the summer  having been completed on September 20th, it's time to look forward to Fall and time to  bundle up and track down the most amazing fall foliage for autumn photos. 


  Summer 2020

(Myra Hencher Photography) family nova pet photographer photography portraits scotia truro Wed, 23 Sep 2020 22:42:36 GMT
Love is in the air! "The best thing to hold onto in life is each other." - Audrey Hepburn


As August drew to a close, one of the highlights was the small, outdoor wedding of Lisa and Danny Gill. As far as weddings go, this is my favourite type. Set in a beautifully landscaped backyard of one of Lisa's childhood friends, the couple stood on an gently elevated walkway which made a perfect little stage. Seated in little  "bubble" pods for safe social distancing, their guests had a wonderful view of Lisa and Danny's ceremony which was officiated by Sandy Little of Justice of the Peace NS Weddings

The days leading up to the event were filled with weather worries as storms were brewing south of us and whether Danny's mother and her cousin would finally be allowed on the ferry to Newfoundland. (The third attempt to walk on was a charm!) The day itself, though, was perfect. The anticipated rain amounted to a two minute sprinkle during the signing of the register, spirits were high and the outdoor reception was a huge success among the friends and family members. One of the highlights, for sure, were the wonderful wedding cupcakes by Jackie Waugh's company  Simply Sweet.

To Lisa and Danny, Congratulations!  May you always be happy!


August 29, 2020 Wedding of Lisa and Danny Gill

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August is one of my favourite things My Favourite Things 

Rodgers and Hammerstein wrote about some of our favourite things sixty years ago. There were kitten whiskers, ponies and packages tied up with string. It was a pretty good list, but it forgot to mention puppy dogs, sunshine and lovely people! 

One of my favourite things is now my job! Being my "job", thankfully, has not lessened the joy I feel when I am able to capture photos that make others happy or that can further a cause, like finding homes for adoptable pets.

August has been a great photo month so far. Here are a few reasons why:




(Myra Hencher Photography) cat dog photographer photography portraits Truro Nova Scotia Thu, 27 Aug 2020 01:21:33 GMT
Cool Treats for Hot Dogs!  Popsicles for puppers? Kind of!


The other day, it was so hot that I needed not one, but two popsicles. Part of the reason for two was that I knew I would have to share one with Ella. Wearing that fur coat all summer can't be too comfortable on the warmest days. Sharing the popsicles, and we all know how healthy the regular ones are, got me to thinking about making a frozen treat just for Ella  that would be better for her.

A quick Google search turned up lots of variations which either ended up in ice cube holders or in cute molds with some kind of edible stick. I don't know about you, but I don't have any cute doggy-bone shaped molds around the house, so I opted to check out the ice cube versions. One thing I wasn't too keen on was that most called for adding water. Being afraid that might make the cubes too hard and possibly cause a choke, I decided to freestyle a less ice-solid recipe with ingredients that I had on hand.  

The search revealed some soft bananas, squishy raspberries, peanut butter ( I use the type that is just peanuts and nothing else, but I think regular peanut butter would be fine) and vanilla yogurt.



Not being sure if raspberries were OK for dogs to eat, I did a quick check and, according to the American Kennel Club, they are fine. (Grapes/raisins, onions and tomatoes are not!)

So, without actually measuring, I combined two bananas, about 1/2 cup peanut butter, 3/4 cup(ish) of the yogurt and about 1/3 cup of raspberries in the blender and gave it a good mix  until it looked like thick soup.  

Then, I filled up the little rectangles in an ice cube tray.


I had about half a cup left over. At the back of my mind, I was still a bit worried about how hard they would turn out, so I lined a little pan with parchment paper and poured in the leftover bit to freeze more flat than cubed. I figured I could cut or break it into small pieces if the cubes were too solid. (This might be a good option for smaller dogs or dogs that inhale their food without chewing!)


Two hours later:


The consistency was fine. Have you ever had a fudge stick? The ones that are all chocolate and kind of soft but frozen? That is how these turned out. Ella loved them!!!!

Yes, I admit that I tried one to see how it was.  No worries that I will eat them on her! For my people critters, I will stick with making our honey infused smoothies:) Ella, happily, gave them a big paws up and asked for more!


(Myra Hencher Photography) dog treats frozen treats for dogs hot weather popsicles snacks for dogs summer treats for dogs Wed, 22 Jul 2020 10:45:00 GMT
Taking Safety Precautions while Making Memories! Photography might not be essential in the way food and health care most certainly is, but it's definitely essential to preserving memories and events.  Time doesn't stop and wait for an all clear, so we carry on!



What will we do as photographer and client to make our time enjoyable and safe? Here are a few ideas:

1) We will meet at outside locations to make physical distancing really easy.

2) We will keep our subject group to less than ten.

3) I will not handle nor touch your pet without your permission. (This will be the hardest rule to follow!)

4) I will provide hand sanitizer or wipes for you to use.

5) I will use a longer lens and never have to be closer than twelve feet.

6) You can wear a mask and hide it for a few moments while your photo is being taken.

7) I can wear a mask if we need to be less than twelve feet from each other.

8) You can bring any props that you would like to have incorporated into your photos. I won't touch them:)

9) If you or I are not feeling well, we will re-schedule. Any retainer fees can be refunded or used to hold another date.

10) All payments can be contactless via email transfer or Paypal.

11) Galleries are available to view online in the privacy of your own home!

12) Products will have "airing out  time" before being delivered.


(Myra Hencher Photography) photographer and client safety measures during Covid Thu, 16 Jul 2020 20:05:24 GMT
It's Time for Change!  

I am almost jumping with excitement. Is it because I have just retired from many years of teaching junior high? No! Well, maybe a tiny bit:)  The reason I am so full of anticipation is because I can finally devout most of my earning hours to photographing you and and your four legged family! Yes! I have been waiting for YEARS for this time to come. 



My photography business will be  tailored to what YOU want and to what you can afford at this particular time. If we complete a session together, no order is too small and no order is too big.  I am all about quality photography, economic reality and the fairness of pricing for you and the fairness of pricing my services in this market for me.  I am basing my session fees on time and all products may be purchased separately. You do not have to buy a package. Everything is available a la carte.   


For those wanting sessions beyond an hour,  a retainer fee to hold your session is all you need to start. That retainer fee then pays for up to one hour of photography. After our session, you can choose how much or how little you would like to spend.  


For those of you who do like packages, I put together one called Just for You, for which you don't even need a retainer!  You will receive two medium sized prints (10x8 or 12x8)  accompanied by their social media sized files.  By comparison, how much does it cost to take a family of four to a fast food restaurant? Which experience is more special? Which product lasts longer? I rest my case! There is also a Mini Session available with one print that takes up to twenty minutes and no longer!

You will receive a signed, social media sized file for sharing with every print purchased, so there will be no need to purchase a more expensive digital file unless you plan to make multiple prints on your own.


Stay tuned for more information!




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Personal Reflection  

My Personal Reflection Following the Week of June 1, 2020


In the past week my understanding of  the overt and systemic racism  Black Canadians and Americans continue to face has increased exponentially. I have been very privileged to have led a life which has been free of  the prejudice, distrust, profiling and other expressions of racism that millions of citizens have faced throughout their entire lives. That millions continue to face today.

What can I do?  

Every single day, these questions will form my interactions with others:

                        Did I listen?

                                 Did I speak up when I should? 

                                                                    Was I kind?  

                                                                                Did I look beyond myself? 

Take care of each other,








(Myra Hencher Photography) Sat, 06 Jun 2020 23:57:47 GMT
Throwback Thursday May 2020 Did you save the last dance?  


Congratulations to the C.E.C. grads of 2020! 



There are some pretty exciting plans underway to celebrate your achievements thanks to some very industrious and caring members of our community. 

Reading about the proposed graduation ceremony made me wonder what old grade 9  T.J.H.S. grad dance  photos I had saved on the site that hadn't seen the light of day for awhile.

What did I find? Five different years of grad dance photos of students looking vibrant and beautiful. For a fun Throwback Thursday, take a peek at your 14-15 year old selves from a few years ago and maybe  have a little smile as you think back on those days.

May your future be  a happy one!



If you know the name of your old school, you can figure out the password. (Abbreviation and no capitals:)


TJHS Grad Dance  June 2019


TJHS Grad Dance  June 2018


Sebastion BSebastion B


TJHS Grad Dance  June 2017



TJHS Grad Dance  June 2016


Hover over left corner for downloading menu. Choose "original" for best quality.


TJHS Grad Dance June 2013


(Myra Hencher Photography) grad dance graduation junior high prom truro Thu, 28 May 2020 11:00:00 GMT
Why Don't I Want to Sell Digital Files? Photo by Meghan LyndsPhoto by Meghan Lynds


Do you see this photo book sitting on Meg and Jay's coffee table? (Thank you, guys, for the photo!) The day we made those photos has come and gone. Months have come and gone and that sweet puppy is now all grown up. The value of being able to look back on that time will only increase with every passing year. This book, and the prints made from that session, have the potential to last for decades, and they will NEVER become obsolete.

Can you say the same about the files that are sitting on your phone or on your computer?

I don't want to sell just digital files as the chances are too great that they will be lost, or that our ever changing technology will render them irretrievable. 

I want YOU to have prints, whether they be in the form of wall art, shoe box prints or photo books so your special times will always be in sight. Your memories shouldn't be trusted to a  memory stick!




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