Hello grade 9s! Welcome to the 2017 Truro Junior High Grad Dance gallery of formal photos. It was so nice to see as many of you as I did.

The photos that are here can be downloaded to your desk top or device. Just tap and hold "save" or look for the menu at the left top corner of each shot and select download. Screen shots look grainy and awful! There is an app called Photo Moments that might make life easier if you are downloading to your phone. If you cannot make a download work, just let me know. I can get the file to you another way.

These files are "complimentary" which means the school was not charged a session fee, and I am making these digital files available for you to share without cost. (They are lower resolution so will not print as well as full size files.) 4x6 and 8x12 prints are available for purchase in the gallery called TJHS Grad Dance 2017 to Print. Cameras and gear do not last forever:)

PLEASE don't print these, add a horrible filter nor crop off my signature. That would be like me adding a ton of grammar mistakes to someone's writing, or reading aloud a nice poem and telling the listeners that the author was unknown. You get the picture. (Pun intended!)

Have a great summer!