I totally get that some people just do NOT want to sit in front of a camera.

I am one of those people. How do I smile or not smile? What do I do with my hands? What if I shut my eyes? I empathize with all those people who start to cringe and get a bit cranky when someone in the family mentions portraits. However, being the mom of adult kids, I can also tell you that time does get away from us, and that the "We'll do it next year, later, when I have more time" etc etc often leads to never having photos done and never having something that you can fondly look back on in years to come.

Do all the photos have to be formally posed and serious? Of course not! We'll get those out of the way (I can help you with those hands and eyes), and then play a bit and capture some casual shots that will allow you  to cherish the way your family lives and loves together. We can do all the shots at your home, or we can go "on location" to a favourite spot so everyone can relax and stretch. I am what could be classified as a lifestyle photographer, which means I love to capture families as they go about their lives. After a short while, you might even forget I am there!

Before we meet up for the session, we'll talk about what type of photos you would like to have. You might be looking for a portrait to frame and display  in your living room, some shots to send to relatives or a lot of shots to make into a family album.  We will also discuss wardrobe, location and the personalities of all those who will be present for our shoot:)


I must not forget to emphasize that I LOVE LOVE LOVE photographing pets, barnyard buds and all things equestrian!  I also enjoy doing head shots and environmental photos to make your web page or blog stand out. So basically, if there is a person or pet in the scene, I'm happy!

Contact me for a menu of session options. One size doesn't fit all!


As you can see from my profile shot here, I don't mind being a bit goofy to make you smile!



All photos, unless otherwise noted,  copyright 2018 Myra Hencher